oobenn is a long range interpersonal communication stage with instagram interface. With highlights facilitated in oobenn content is a special content that can be utilized for various projects.You can empower or incapacitate the parts that individuals use to share. For instance, in the event that you have a video sharing task, you will have a video sharing venture on the off chance that you actuate the video sharing component of oobenn and incapacitate different fields.

Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/oobenn-instagram-style-social-networking-script/17048549

Download: https://anonfile.com/b9A5h7D3nc


User Features :News Feed (Following Friends Activity): displays messages posted by following users. Videos, images, audios, links, suggested pages and much more.Profile Displays your user profile along with Events, photos, Videos, Areas of interest and much more.Photos: View and show all the photos you share hereAll Events: Users can see his own NewsFeed Videos, Photos, Links, Locations and much more…Likes: for updates with latest profile images preview and total likes counter.#hashtag in updates, comments, videos ect.Trending Topics: Top 5 trending topics on NewsFeed page and Top 5 Trending Topics on #hashtagClick Sounds When you click like button click sounds will apper like facebook.Click Vibrate When you click like button click vibrate will apper like facebookBlock: When you block someone you do not like. The person you blocked can no longer view your shares.Notifications Get notifications (red notification with bubble counter) from your following users when they: Like, Comment, friend request and Follows.User Mention System User can tag his friend in any post or comment. It will give also a notification by tagget user friends.Post Privacy: – Everyone – Available to everyone, – Following – Available to following users, – Followers – Available just followers, – Just me – Only you can seeReport report messages, comments and profilesCover and profile images for user profileRetina Display Ready Responsive DesignFilters Posts Events, locations, videos, links ect.Friends suggestionsChange LangaugeDay / Night Mode like TwitterInstagram Style StoryBadoo Style InterestedTumblr Style User Hover CardTumblr Style Post TypesOnline Friend ListHow many friends see storyTotal display is calculated separately for each status update.Edit PostDisable / Enable commentFast answer Fast answer working like instagram story.Sticker Sticker system working like facebook.Whatsapp Style Text Edit User can change the text style like whatsapp. In this feature have tree type for text: Bold, italic and strikethrough text.Welcome Page Templates After you buy the oobenn you can see there is tree template for wellcome theme. You can use which one you like. Also you can create a welcome page template for your project. It is very easy.User can add Profile Background AudioUser can add Profile background imagePayPal Payment SystemAdvertising SystemUser Credit SystemGif System like facebookScroll to play video like instagramShare video on story pageShare image on story pageManage your storiesSee how many user viewed your shared storiesPayPal Payment GatewayUser can buy CreditUser can create AdvertisementAdmin can Create AdvertisementPer view advertisementPer click advertiseManage AdvertisementSelf-Desctruction message like badooSend video, file, music and images on chat page.See multiple image in nice popup slide showInstagram style multiple image sliderWatermark SystemBenchMark SystemThis feature is the first in the worldImage Crop System User can upload and crop AVATAR/COVER and Uploaded BenchMark images.12 BenchMark category18 Watermark bg Image (Admin can add more watermark bg using admin dashboard)Users can edit/Customize their profile colors, backgorund image, background soundUsers can change profile font style with 51 different font.Users can share his/her location.Users can share gif using giphy APIUser can Create EventEvent creator full manage his/her own EventTumbnail system5 Different Login & Register Page Template. More coming soon.. 


WhatsApp style Video Preview without changing the url. Support (12 big website) YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, DailyMotion, MetaCafe, VideoJug, Blip, Screenr, SlideShare, flickr, funnyordie and devianartRe-Share User can ReShare liked posts like tumblrUnlike Post User can Unlike PostsWeatherPost Text Translate like FacebookVoice recording for comment6 Feeling Category and 111 Feeling Icon27 Product CategorySlider Advertisement systemProduct Click CounterProduct Seen CounterMenu and Icon systemMarket Place Profile system. User can buy template for his/her business. Like tumblr blog template system.and so much more feature. New features continue to be added every two weeks…


User manage : Edit, delete userPost magange : Edit , delete users posts.All Site StatisticEdit LangaugeWelcome templatesWebsite managementManage featuresManage advertisementsManage gifsManage Stickersand so much more…