BlackGenerator is a template to create your own account generator without knowledge (minimum required), easily and quickly! it has many features and will meet your customers’ expectations


  • Private generator (paid)
  • Free Generator (for everyone)
  • News system
  • Powerful admin panel
  • Automatic paypal purchases
  • Uncrackable password encryption
  • Custom packages
  • Login logs 
  • Ticket system
  • Notification system 
  • Custom dashboard + color picker 
  • Added up to 600K account at one time
  • 100% Dynamic website
  • Automatic tos
  • FAQ page
  • Account history + automatic refund (if the account does not work)
  • Lottery system (win account & rank everyday)
  • Partnership system
  • Status system 
  • Realtime account stock
  • Bookmark your accounts in your history
  • Delete your accounts history 
  • Export your accounts to cvv or clipboard


  • Domain name 
  • WebHosting


  1. Transfer all files to your website except the “database” folder.
  2. go to /inc/_global/ and configure the database settings in “config.php”.
  3. Go to your database, login and select your DB, then click “import” button and import the “your-gen.sql” file in the “database” folder.
  4. Go to your website and create your account.
  5. Go to your database, in the “users” table modify your rank by 1 instead of 0 to put you in the administrator rank
  6. In the admin panel, configure your “IPN” and your “coinpayment” settings to receive Paypal and Bitcoin payments automatically
  7. Your Account Generator is ready!